The Andrew System

The Andrew system, developed at Carnegie- Mellon University, runs on thousands of computers distributed across the university campus. Its most notable component is the Andrew File System which now ties together file systems at sites distributed across the United States. Coda is a follow-on to Andrew, improving availability, especially in the face of network partitions.
Key Papers and best academic references
  • Morris, J.H., Satyanarayanan, M., Conner, M.H., Howard, J.H., Rosenthal, D.S.H., & Smith, F.D.. Andrew, a Distributed Computing Environment. Communications of the ACM 29 (3): 184, March 1986.
  • Many other papers - to be added later.
Principal Developers
  • James H. Morris
  • Mahadev Satyanarayanan
  • Michael H. Conner
  • John H. Howard
  • David S. H. Rosenthal
  • F. Donelson Smith
  • Al Spector
  • and many others
Related or Similar Projects or Systems
  • Athena
  • AFS
  • Kerberos

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