The Locus System

The Locus system was developed in the early 1980's at UCLA to run on system distributed across a local ara network. It was notable as one of the earliest distributed systems to support a uniform viw of the file system and it defined several forms of transparency.
Key Papers and best academic references
  • B. Walker, G. Popek, R. English, C. Kline, and G. Thiel. The Locus distributed operating system. In Proceedings of the 9th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, pages 49-70, October 1983.
  • many more papers - this list will be updated.
Principal Developers
  • Gerald Popek
  • Bruce Walker
  • Robert English
  • Charles Kline
  • Greg Thiel
  • and many many others
Books With Discussions of Project
  • The LOCUS Distributed System Architecture (Computer Systems Series) [Hardcover], by Gerald Popek. January 1986. MIT Press. ISBN 978-0262161022.
Related or Similar Projects or Systems There were many systems that followed Locus that built upon ideas investigated by the Locus project. Among these systems were:
  • Coda

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