The Kerberos Network Authentication System

Without knowledge of the identity of an individual requesting an operation, it is often difficult to decide whether the operation should be allowed. Traditional authentication methods are not suitable for use in computer networks where attackers can monitor network traffic and intercept passwords. The use of strong authentication methods that do not disclose passwords is imperative. The Kerberos authentication system supports strong authentication on such networks.
Key Papers and best academic references
  • B. Clifford Neuman and Theodore Ts'o. Kerberos: An Authentication Service for Computer Networks, IEEE Communications, 32(9):33-38. September 1994. html

    ... more papers here and here.

Specifications, Standards, and Design documents
Principal Developers
  • Clifford Neuman
  • Steve Miller
  • Jerry Saltzer
  • Jeff Schiller
  • Jennifer Steiner
  • John Kohl
  • Theodore T'so
  • Tom Yu
  • Ken Raeburn
  • Sam Hartmann
  • and many others
Principal Developers
Project Websites
Project Mailing Lists
Books With Discussions of Project
  • MIT Project Athena: A Model for Distributed Campus Computing (Hardcover), by George A. Champine. June 1991, Digital Press. ISBN 978-1555580728.
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Other Useful Documents or References (useful as prior art)

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