Project Athena

MIT's Project Athena is a system built from thousands of computers distributed across campus. Distributed services provide authentication, naming, filing, printing, mail and administrative functions. Kerberos was developed as part of Project Athena.
Key Papers and best academic references
  • George A. Champine, Daniel E. Geer Jr., and William N. Ruh. Project athena as a distributed computer system. IEEE Computer, 23(9):40-51, September 1990.
  • many more papers - this list will be updated.
Principal Developers
  • Jerome H. Saltzer
  • Daniel E. Geer, Jr.
  • Jeff Schiller
  • George Champine
  • Steven Lerman
  • Ed Balkovich
  • Steve Dyer
  • Tony Della Fera
  • Jim Gettys
  • John Kohl
  • Steve Miller
  • Clifford Neuman
  • Ken Raeburn
  • Mark Rosenstein
  • Bill Sommerfeld,
  • Ralph Swick
  • Win Treese
  • and many many others
Books With Discussions of Project
  • MIT Project Athena: A Model for Distributed Campus Computing (Hardcover), by George A. Champine. June 1991, Digital Press. ISBN 978-1555580728.
Related or Similar Projects or Systems Many systems were developed as part of Project Athena, and these systems have been used well beyond the Athena computing environment. Some of the systems developed at, or imroved and incricately associated with Project Athena include:
  • Discuss
  • Kerberos
  • Hesiod
  • X Windows
  • Zephyr
There were projects elsewhere that shared similar goals to Project Athena. The following systems were similar to Project Athena.

Digital Stream DTX-9950
Yosemite Hiking
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